Parental Advisory Warning

    Catch up on Tracy, Liz and Cynthia's advice in this archive of vlog posts.  We're sure you'll learn something worthwhile.  Maybe.  

    Vlog #24:

    Tracy figures out how to make her kids listen, but Rob doesn't seem to know what his signs are saying.

    Vlog #23:

    Shadfly Lake is a cold, dark place in Northern Ontario. Or maybe not.  Tracy wants to set the record straight.

    Vlog #22:

    Cynthia offers advice on providing nutritious, natural foods for your family.  I mean, really... a little food poisoning isn't going to kill you, is it?

    Vlog #21:

    Liz took offense to Tracy's Christmas rant, so this northern girl is going to set the record straight about November 12th, gingerbread and moose.

    Vlog #20:

    Tracy gives her heartfelt advice on how to manage the holiday season.  The indications are that the whole thing is making her a little loopy.

    Vlog #19:

    Okay, enough with that singing thing!
    Rob and Tracy are on a roll.  They think it's rock and roll, but the kids are about to stop, drop and roll.

    Vlog #18:

    Can music teach us to be better parents?  Rob and Tracy dive into the lyrics of the classics to find out themselves...  Much to their kid's chagrin.

    Vlog #17:

    Tracy is in control of her time... Somebody should take a picture of this!

    Vlog #16:

    The Shadfly Lake dads are giving it another go, with dating advice for the young fellows. After all, they managed to score a wife or two, so they must have some good tips to share.

    Vlog #15:

    Cynthia and her sister lead very different lives, but they're both happy to get that twins discount on haircuts!

    Vlog #14:

    Everyone knows a loud and disrespectful hockey parent.  If you don't... well maybe it's you.  These dads know one when they see one.

    Vlog #13:

    Liz's kids are amazing!  They really are.  So they're perfect for demonstrating good manners, according to Liz.

    Vlog #12:

    A new twist from Shadfly Lake!  The guys have something to prove:  as far as parenting is concerned, they're not just pretty faces -- they actually know what they're doing.  But that remains to be seen...

    Vlog #11:

    Mother's parenting advice is to ignore Father's parenting advice.  Unless you're a fan of superheroes, hotdogs and Cheetos.

    Vlog #10:

    Liz and Cynthia have some advice on children's safety. Well, yes, their opinions may differ just a wee bit, but their kids are not wild and reckless by any means... unlike some other people's kids...

    Vlog #9:

    Tracy is feeling the mother guilt of having teenagers and not loving everything about them at all times.  She's supposed to be dispensing advice, but she's clearly conflicted.  Another glass of wine might help.

    Vlog #8:

    Tracy and Liz discuss chores, and they actually agree on something!  Or maybe they actually don't.  Hopefully they'll never have to actually live together.

    Vlog #7:

    Liz is unhappy about bullying, but new information could bring on an entirely different attitude.  And we are so not deleting it.

    Vlog #6:

    Cynthia foolishly disagrees with Tracy's cheesy notions about the end of the world, and things start to heat up. Literally.

    Vlog #5:

    Tracy actually got asked for advice! What does one need to survive a catastrophe? Pizza pops and a goat, of course.

    Vlog #4:

    Cynthia has advice about social media, and you're not going to like it.

    Vlog #3:

    Cynthia alleviates her sun phobia through research into sunscreens. Because she only wants to help, thank you very much.

    Vlog # 2:

    Tracy, Liz and Cynthia have got this video blog thing all figured out, 'cuz three heads are better than one. Trust me on this.

    Vlog #1:

    VLOG. Anybody could do that, right? And the millions will come pouring in...