Parental Advisory Warning

    Welcome to our Shorts archive!  See the silly things that we get up to here in Shadfly Lake. Just like everywhere, really... but this time it's about us, so it's even better.

    Short #9:

    When Principal Hardaker opens her mouth, she'll probably stick her foot in it.  And she can run, but she can't hide... forever.

    Short #8:

    When she said that friends can speak their minds openly and honestly... what on earth was she thinking?!!
    It's a good thing real life doesn't have captions like these...

    Short #7:

    Complaining about the heat in July?  Perhaps you need a little reminder of what we had to put up with to get to July.  Spring wasn't exactly magical in Shadfly Lake...

    Short #6:

    The big city folk are going to move to the wilds of Northern Ontario.  Do you sense a little hesitation?

    Short #5:

    There's nothing like being compared to your smart (but moody) sister...

    Short #4:

    The hockey game is on, and her best friend calls to chat.  Coincidence?

    Short #3:

    Only Principal Hardass would call a meeting but not meet.

    Short #2:

    Boys will be boys! The only way to settle a hockey challenge...

    Short #1:

    Shadfly Lake, Ontario? Who would want to move there??  She said she'd be supportive in his search for a new job, a new beginning, but maybe this isn't quite what she had in mind...