Parental Advisory Warning
    Welcome to Shadfly Lake!

    This is the small town that we all know, where the challenges and delights of raising a family include eccentric opinions, teen angst, warm hospitality, technological distress, career concerns, shifting relationships and community spirit.  

    And where we muddle through with the support of friends, because when it comes to parenting,

    a few advisory warnings are just what we need.


    Autumn Leaves & Other Crappy Crafts

    Cynthia shares a fun family craft to celebrate the beauty of autumn, although, if Tracy is her family, it may not be so fun after all.


    Vlog #24

    Watch Vlog 24

    Tracy figures out how to make her kids listen, while Rob doesn't seem to know what his signs are saying.

    Vlog #23

    Watch Vlog 23

    Shadfly Lake is a cold, dark place in Northern Ontario.  Or maybe not.  Tracy wants to set the record straight.

    Vlog #22

    Watch Vlog 22

    Cynthia offers advice on providing nutritious, natural foods for your family.  I mean, really... a little food poisoning isn't going to kill you, is it?

    Vlog #21

    Watch Vlog 21

    Liz took offense to Tracy's Christmas rant, so this northern girl is going to set the record straight about November 12th, gingerbread and moose.


    Tracy, Liz and Cynthia would be happy to answer your questions about parenting, school, kids' activities... basic survival, really.  Just leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we finish off this bottle of cheap wine.


    Hi ladies. Do you have any suggestions for dealing with my 6-year-old who refuses to sleep past 6 am, even on weekends? I'm afraid of the crap he might watch on TV if I don't get up with him.



    Hi Kellie. Your 6-year-old would drive me nuts, waking me up four hours too early on a Saturday!  I would get a good kids'  movie  lined up the night before, ready to go in the morning with just one click on the dvd or streaming service.  Some cable providers also have blocking services to keep the wee ones away from Debbie Does Dallas. Sweet dreams!



    Short #9

    Watch Short 9

    When Principal Hardaker opens her mouth, she'll probably stick her foot in it. And she can run, but she can't hide... forever.

    Short #8

    Watch Short 8

    When she said that friends can speak their minds openly and honestly... what on earth was she thinking?!!  It's a good thing real life doesn't have captions like this...

    Short #7

    Watch Short 7

    Complaining about the heat in July? Perhaps you need a little reminder of what we had to put up with to get to July. Spring wasn't exactly magical in Shadfly Lake...

    Short #6

    Watch Short 6

    The big city folk are going to move to the wilds of Northern Ontario.  Do you sense a little hesitation?

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